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From 4 generations our family into hotel and catering services.

Always keep exploring new and best vegan food combination formulas.

Now with this premium product “Aayush Power MIX” health and life enhancing home made product by Magic Life, Along with half a dozen nutrient experts consultation for about 175+ days research and exchange of thoughts we arrived at an idea to produce this vitamins & minerals rich food product for healthy human body under the brand name of ‘Magic Life’. We want to serve to the masses by delivering directly to the consumers (D2C).

What Is unique in Aayush Power MIX?

This one product has 100 plus nutrients and 24 plus essential minerals and Vitamins for the human body.

Aayush Power Mix Ingredients

Dry Moringa Leaves
Dry Curry Leaves
Black Gram
Green Gram Whole
Green Gram Split
Roasted Peanut
Bengal Gram
Roasted Bengal Gram
Bird Eye chilli
White Sesame
Black Pepper
Jeera / Cumin
Rock Salt

Ingredients and Its benefits

Health Benefits by consuming Aayush Power MIX

Magic Life - Aayush Power MIX

How to consume?

This Aayush power MIX can be consumed with Idli, Dosa, Upma, Roti, Parotta, Chapati, rice or just mix with Butter Milk or Warm Water and drink.

Shelf Life of this product?

Aayush power MIX has shelf life of 45 days when stored at room temperature.

For whom?

This vitamins and minerals rich Aayush Power MIX can be consumed by all above 5 years age. Except pregnant and breast feeding women.

Why Aayush Power MIX?

Consuming vitamins & minerals rich Aayush Power MIX 4 days a week of 2 table spoon (30 grams) regularly, helps to fight 100+ diseases and helps organs in human body to function better. The result can be felt and experienced within 45 days.

Legal License To sell Aayush Power MIX

License Number: 11224302001300

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